Websites for Municipal Government

Cities and towns benefit from a professional web presence –when companies or residents evaluate a city, they look at the community as a whole: schools, parks, housing, amenities, safety, and access to medical care. A consistent promotion of your city’s benefits and appeal will position your local government for success, contribute to the bottom line, and help achieve Municipality’s mission. However, hiring a web developer can be both expensive and unreliable, and most small towns just don’t have the time to manage a website development project or to maintain it. As a result, many small cities and towns either have no website at all, or what they have is so out of date that they’ve completely abandoned it.

Holt Web Design offers solutions to Municipalities that eliminate the hassle of trying to determine the ins and outs of designing, building, and hosting a website saving you time, money, and frustration. We offer a professional, cutting edge, search engine optimized website, customized for small cities and towns at an incredibly affordable price point.

Let us simplify your website solutions, enabling your city administrators to focus their energies on what they do best – taking care of your town – Not building and maintaining a website.

I was asked by our Community to hire a Web Design firm and then to coordinate an update and redesign of our decade old website. I interviewed a handful of likely candidates, but when I met Lorianne Holt of Holt Web Design, I knew I’d found a terrific resource.  Lorianne worked to deadlines, contributed a number of extraordinary ideas, and completed this project on budget, and beyond expectation.  She has my highest recommendation.  ~ Mark Perrott-Borough of Thornburg, PA

Strengthen the business of community.

Imagine the possibilities of a municipality working in collaboration with an enthusiastic, engaged citizen base to grow the city and its resources. It can be a reality – with the innovative application of web design and marketing concepts. A professional web presence will strengthen the community, better serve citizens and stakeholders, and deliver more value for the taxpayer dollar by providing your residents a greater level of information, service and –increasing their overall satisfaction and confidence in their local government.

Serve the people. Support the City.

Today’s public is skeptical. Information, whether true or not, is more accessible than ever before. As a result, today’s citizen has an unprecedented lack of trust. Negative news leads to a national perception of wasteful practices, scandal, corruption, and unethical conduct. This does little to help the local government’s image. In order to raise public confidence and overall satisfaction, Municipality’s should actively work to improve their real and perceived performance and connect with the people. Marketing best practices around image promotion and connecting with people offers a number of ways to do just that. With online marketing, local governments can move from being low-tech and low-touch to being high-tech and high-touch – knitting the community together.

In response to challenges faced, Municipalities are harnessing the power of online marketing

Accomplish your goals.

Local governments are realizing big benefits with online marketing. Instead of associating marketing with selling, think about marketing as a key component to promoting your city as an outstanding place to work, live, learn, shop, visit, and play.  Your website should provide up to the minute information to residents and visitors, alike. Our cost effective web solutions utilize tried and true principles of web design and usability standards, enabling you to successfully promote your Municipality – which will benefit the city’s image and fiscal position, allowing for further investments to support the City’s mission and goals.

Seasoned marketers mitigate risk.

Holt Web Design is a no-frills, roll-up-your-sleeves website and marketing service provider with a strong reputation for delivering real results. Based in Pittsburgh, design and content contributors are comprised of seasoned professionals dedicated to their passion for design and marketing. By taking the time to understand your mission, we’ll showcase your city using the right mix of innovative marketing services with an original approach.

Upscale talent, not prices.

Holt Web Design is dedicated to innovative problem solving – integrating marketing strategy, design and technology with experience. You can expect effective and powerful strategies in all of the services that we provide:

  • Website Design & Development – New or refresh, complex or simple, we take the hassle and expense out of website design and build. All sites are created to complement goals, rank well with search engines, and scale with your vision. Your citizens are mobile, so your website should be too. Our websites are built to be responsive (changing layout based on the device used).
  • Social Media Strategies – People spend more time on social media than any other online activity, including email. We’ll help you channel this powerful marketing tool to engage the public and build loyalty.
  • Brand & Image Development – Brand doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive. It just has to be consistent. Because it’s the heart and soul of your city – it’s your promise to your community.
  • Messaging – Is the message being sent the right one? If not, what is the right message? How can we spread the word? Messaging content, style and delivery can build or break loyalty and credibility.

Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals dedicated to their passion for marketing. Serving as go-to marketers for Municipals in Southwestern PA, we understand the needs of government – innovative, strategic, yet practical marketing solutions. You can count on originative ideas, on-target strategies and superior service.

We are your one stop shop for all of your Municipal needs offering services tailored to small government including:

  1. Full featured editing system for adding user content, photos, and forms.
  2. Community Calendar-Keep your citizens and staff up to date with a meetings and events calendar.
  3. Newsletter and Alerts-Create full news articles or simple notices accessible from a News page on your municipality website, or from a news headline listing on any page of your website.
  4. Newsletter Sign-Up-Do you have an e-newsletter for your city, village, or township? A newsletter sign-up will let allow your site’s visitors to sign up to receive your newsletter with minimal effort. If you don’t have an e-newsletter for your community but would like one, let us know. We can help you create an attractive municipality newsletter that includes articles, alerts, ads, and more.

Some of the projects that we can handle include, but are not limited to:

  • Municipal Web Development
  • City Web Site Design
  • Local Police Websites
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Travel and Tourism Projects
  • City Library
  • City Parks and Museums