Business Consulting

business-consultingAt Holt Web Design LLC, we’re motivated to meet your needs. Sometimes a client just needs expert consultative recommendations – an idea tweaked, input on new business strategy, a valuable brainstorming partner, or marketing plan development to roll out a new product or service. What can we help you with today?

Graphic Design Audit

Your visual imagery can make or break your brand impression. Let’s inventory your marketing assets (website, logos, brochures, business cards, and more), and evaluate the message the graphic elements convey. From color to typography selection and layout, is the impression being given the right one? If not, what is? If it is sending the right message, how can we continue to spread the word?

Web Consulting

In today’s digital age, web users expect the latest and greatest information to be online – 24/7/365. We’ve seen it first hand – if the web is not helping your business, it can actually be hurting your business. Let’s talk about how to fix that.

Social Media Strategies

People spend more time on social media than any other online activity, including email. Learn how to channel this powerful marketing tool to build customer loyalty and generate new business.

Brand Development Analysis

Defining, or redefining, your brand is a discovery process. Consulting sessions will lead you through a ‘self-analysis’ to help you answer strategic branding questions in order to pinpoint actionable solutions and ideas that drive results.

No matter what marketing medium you are considering to put to work, our consulting services sessions identify actionable insights, giving you new ideas to run with. Contact us to book or learn more.

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