About Holt Web Design

Based in Pittsburgh, Holt Web Design LLC offers a wide range of web development, design, promotion and optimization solutions for individuals and companies wanting to make the best first impression. Whether you’re a fledgling start-up, family business or corporate powerhouse, Holt Web Design LLC provides world-class, design firm quality deliverables without the high-end prices.

Constructive Consulting. Freelance Fulfillment.

With Holt Web Design LLC, you don’t have to decide whether to hire a consultant with great ideas or a freelancer to get the work done. Holt Web Design LLC gives you the best of both worlds: consultative expertise to identify insights and a qualified team to make those insights become a reality. Our process involves understanding your vision, recommending a strategy, and implementing the plan.

Contact Holt Web Design LLC to help you create a clean, functional and professional site that you will be proud to promote.

Lorianne - Holt Web Design Pittsburgh PA


Chief Vision Officer & Mastermind of Mischief

With Lorianne’s more than 20 years of experience in design, online advertising, and web development services, combined with insightful marketing and dynamic expertise in today’s technologies, you can expect professional service from concept to launch.

Led by Lorianne, design and content contributors are comprised of seasoned professionals dedicated to their passion for marketing, working outside of the corporate box. What you receive in return is originative solutions, on-target design and superior service.

Carissa - Social media at Holt Web Design LLC


Social Media Sorceress &
Organizer of Erratic Activity

Bio coming soon

Walker - Writer at Holt Web Design LLC


Chief Sentence Officer & Linguistic Choreographer

Super good with words and stuff, Walker puts to paper everything your customers need to know in a way that’s clean, concise and engaging.

After many less-than-ideal years in blue-collar purgatory, Walker finally got his act together and received his Paralegal AAS in 2018. Instead of moving on to a bachelor’s degree and law school, he made the smart choice and launched Watchword Writing and Editing Services the same year.

The newest addition to the Holt team, he looks forward to helping out wherever and whenever he’s needed, and proving that he’s a much bigger nerd than Carissa. We totally agree with him, and he totally didn’t write this bio.

Marie - Web Design at Holt Web Design LLC


Graphic & Web Design Maven

Marie has always enjoyed all things visual. And with majors in Art History and Museum Education, Marie keeps her passion alive by helping others explore the arts. Inspired by her knack for technology, Marie expanded her creative credentials to include web design. Marie found the way to the magical place where art and technology meet, and happily setup camp there. Friendly, original and unique – Marie is both a pleasure to work with and highly adept at finding winning design solutions by considering all the options.



Senior Web Developer/Master of the Universe

Web applications, PHP Development, CSS, HTML 5, seriously, is there anything that Jatin can’t do? If so, we haven’t found it yet! Curiosity can’t kill this tech-savvy cat – he’s an expert at finding clever solutions and his applications agility is unmatched. With a panache for making technology really work ‘fad-free’ – his solutions genuinely save our clients’ time or make something they do easier. Part of our team since 2014, Jatin is always passionate about the possibilities and super helpful while he’s at it – his friendly, service-oriented, social spirit is refreshing AND a big part of his technical superpowers.