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What do we mean by the word brand?

Think of your brand as your company’s personality, and the impression it makes on the market. Communicated visually and verbally, branding encompasses both sight and sound. Great branding can make you stand out as unique, help you engage with customers and prospects, create desire, generate emotion, and lend a promise. If you don’t think you need a brand, you should know you already have one. Everything you do as a company forms your brand. The goal is to strategically manage the impression your company makes.

Brand development doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive. It just has to be consistent. Because it’s the heart and soul of your business – it’s your promise to your customer. It’s what can be expected of your company. It can build or break customer loyalty and credibility.

Discover yourself.

Defining a brand – or even redefining it – is a process of business self-analysis. At Holt Web Design LLC, we guide you through this self-examination to find out what your customers are actually thinking. We work with you to identify and document your business goals and objectives, translating key findings into a cohesive brand.

Building brands that build your business.

We’ll help you answer strategic branding questions in order to pinpoint actionable solutions and ideas that drive results. Whether the brand analysis leads to the need for a new website design, updated website content, education and/or messaging through direct marketing or any other medium, we’re the expert at identifying, understanding and motivating your customers and prospects to action.

Branding and design are inseparable.

Once we help you define your identity, Holt Web Design LLC can develop smart design concepts and a visual style guide that will give the market a clear idea of what your business stands for. Your company’s image or ‘look and feel’ will be developed through artwork that expresses your company’s message, which can then be transformed into visible elements – such as the logo, website, letterhead, advertising, packaging, business cards and more.

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